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Who We Are

Every church has its distinctives -- beliefs or practices that set it apart from other groups.
You might be asking, "what is a Nazarene?" 



What IS  a Nazarene?

We are not Baptists, but like Baptists we 
believe in calling people to repentance 
and to witness to their new life in Christ 
through public baptism.

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We are not Presbyterians, but like them, 
we believe in the power of preaching the 
Word of God to bring about change in 
people’s lives.

 We are not Lutherans, but like the Luther-
ans, we believe that God offers us salva-
tion through Jesus Christ by grace alone 
through faith alone.

We are not Charismatics- No, we do not 
speak in tongues--but like them, we be-
lieve in the gifts of the Spirit, who gives us 
the power to live a Christ-like life.

We are not Episcopalians, but like the 
Episcopalians, we take worship seriously 
(We just choose to be a little less formal in 
our worship style.)

We are not United Methodists, yet like our 
theological cousins, we trace our heritage 
back to John Wesley.


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Who are the Nazarenes?

We are a warm and friendly group of people 
who desire, with God’s help, to live holy lives 
that bring honor and glory to Him. We laugh 
and cry together, rejoice and grieve together 
and above all, we aim to be family for all 
who love Jesus, the Nazarene. 

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